What is MailOne Mailing Software?

Francotyp Postalia offers a fully-integrated software for your PostBase machine. If you have a PostBase postage meter, MailOne software improves productivity and simplifies your mailing needs. MailOne is a fully-integrated mailing, shipping, and accounting software solution that simplifies the way you mail, manage, and report on postal usage and expenditures.

USPS Shipping

MailOne simplifies shipping, reduces costs, and improves mailing efficiency. This software can help you find the best shipping method by utilizing USPS Commercial Base Pricing.

Mail Accounting

This software processes, records, and saves all your mail expenditure details. MailOne offers unlimited cost accounts to create budgets. Consider using this software to easily create detailed reports for quick analysis.

Certified Mail

MailOne software uses a Certified Mail Manager that improves workflow, ensures compliance, and reduces mailing costs. This feature uses 360 degree dashboard visibility of mail status.

Top Features

MailOne is a useful tool for any business that mails or ships packages. Below are some of the top features of this software.

  • Commercial base Pricing
  • CASS Address Validation
  • IM pb Shipping Label
  • Budgets and Reports
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Three-tier Accounting
  • E-return Receipt
  • Archive

Consider the benefits of the MailOne software as your business mailing needs continue to increase.