Unveiling the Fusion of Quality Ink and VersaPass Technology: Redefining Printing Excellence

With a dedicated legacy of over 12 years in the industry, our focus remains unwavering: providing unparalleled quality ink solutions specifically designed for high-end postage meters. In a market riddled with tempting yet inferior alternatives, our commitment stands tall against compromising on print quality and risking potential damage to vital printhead components. We understand the allure of cheaper options, but they often result in subpar prints and costly ramifications.

Our dedication materializes through rigorous testing of Memjet ink cartridges, ensuring not just vivid and striking colors but also rapid drying capabilities across diverse substrates. These cartridges, proudly remanufactured in the USA, boast seamless compatibility with Memjet Verapass print heads. This steadfast commitment to precision ensures that choosing our reliable cartridges means embracing print consistency and quality, all perfectly formulated to match Memjet color profiles.

Empowering Printing Excellence: The VersaPass Advantage

In a market landscape valuing flexibility, VersaPass® technology emerges as the beacon illuminating the path for OEMs to navigate seamlessly. It's not just about affordability but also a flexible avenue for meeting diverse customer demands. VersaPass stands tall, integrating ease with top-tier digital inkjet printing technology, and it's this fusion that catalyzes success across various markets.

The VersaPass advantage encapsulates a remarkable 1,600 DPI, boasting an array of 70,400 nozzles with 1-5x nozzle redundancy. This technological marvel harmoniously blends cost-effectiveness with impressive speed and dpi metrics, all made possible by Memjet’s efficient silicon structure. The result? Printheads that remain cost-effective, high-speed, and capable of maximizing print quality while extending the lifespan of printers.

Innovations in VersaPass Technology: Pioneering Print Excellence

VersaPass print engines redefine the very essence of printing technology. They encapsulate ink delivery, maintenance, component electronics, and under-printhead paper path, all configured to accelerate OEMs’ product development cycles. Complemented by VersaPass inks, these water-based dye inks stand as a testament to precision engineering, flawlessly customized to work with Memjet printheads. Their advanced dye colorants ensure unmatched image quality and reliability across a wide range of media, eliminating the need for additional drying or curing steps.

Memjet’s dynamic software and electronics offer two packages, catering to varying engine configurations. Whether a low-cost system for single-printhead engines or an advanced setup integrating external RIPs for heightened performance, the possibilities are endless.

The Promise of VersaPass: Redefining Printing Standards

VersaPass technology grants our OEMs an unbeatable combination of quality, speed, and affordability. It enables our partners to swiftly craft printers and presses tailored to diverse market demands. From compact benchtop models to expansive wide-format and commercial printing solutions, VersaPass technology stands as the bedrock, empowering OEMs to meet and exceed market expectations with unparalleled printing excellence.

In this realm where precision meets innovation, our commitment resonates—to consistently deliver the pinnacle of printing excellence through the fusion of top-tier ink and groundbreaking VersaPass technology. Welcome to a world where every print embodies perfection, quality, and reliability, setting new benchmarks in the art of printing.