Francotyp Postalia PostBase ONE

The Francotyp Postalia PostBase ONE is a part of the enterprise series. This is one of the biggest postage meters available and is geared toward high volume mailing. Additional to basic postage meter functions, this machine has sealing technology that gives the perfect seal on all envelopes ensuring security and confidentiality. For larger business, the PostBase One is a postage meter that should be considered.


Top Features

  • Up to 150 letters per minute
  • Automatic Feeder
  • Postal Vertical Feeding
  • Power Presser Sealer
  • 15 lb. External Scale
  • Built-in Label Dispenser
  • .8″ Thickness Capacity
  • LAN Internet Connection with Wi-Fi option
  • Intuitive, Full Color Touchscreen
  • USPS®IMI-Compliant Security
  • Postage Available 24/7
  • Commercial-Base Pricing discounts on shipping


This machine has many features geared toward improving mail efficiency for large businesses. Additionally, these features can help move higher volumes of mail with increased precision.


Ink and Supplies

The PostBase ONE uses different ink cartridges and supplies, depending on your company’s needs. Some common products that are purchased through either Francotyp Postalia directly or through vendors with compatible cartridges.

Some machines like this also can be used with postage tape or labels.