Astro CMYKK HI-CAP Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black Ink Tanks | Compatible with AstroJet M1, AstroJet M2, Astrojet S1 and AstroJet M1DX

Exploring Astro Machine AstroJet and its Revolutionary Ink Cartridges

In today's fast-paced and competitive business environment, efficiency and reliability are key factors that can make or break a company's success. For businesses relying on envelope printers like the AstroJet M1, AstroJet M2, AstroJet S1, and AstroJet M1DX, the importance of high-quality ink cartridges cannot be overstated. These ink cartridges ensure smooth operations and deliver exceptional print results. Instead of expensive OEM cartridges, Astro Machine Corporation offers compatible ink cartridges specifically designed to meet the stringent standards set by their printers. Businesses can enjoy top-notch image quality, reliability, and precision without breaking the bank by opting for these affordable and reliable ink cartridges. Get ready to say goodbye to costly OEM cartridges and embrace Astro Machine Corporation's ink cartridges for unparalleled quality and affordability.

Astro Machine Corporation Printers

Astro Machine Corporation is a leading provider of cutting-edge inkjet printers, labelers, tabbers, conveyors, envelope feeders, and other companion products. Astro Machine Corporation boasts a rich history dating back to 1978, marked by a continuous evolution to meet the industry's ever-changing demands. Their printers, such as the AstroJet M1, AstroJet M2, AstroJet S1, and AstroJet M1DX, are known for their fast, high-quality, and on-demand printing capabilities, revolutionizing how businesses handle their printing needs.

AstroJet M1: Professional Desktop/Tabletop Print Shop

Experience exceptional printing performance with the AstroJet M1, a professional desktop/tabletop print shop that guarantees top-notch results. The AstroJet M1 printer delivers remarkable results with up to 1600 dpi in full-process color and monochrome. Whether you require printing on plain paper, premium glossy and matte labels, or even photo paper, the versatile AstroJet M1 is equipped to handle it all. Its top load and bottom feed feature ensure seamless high-volume production. Equipped with user-friendly software for precise print and printer control, the AstroJet M1 effortlessly achieves outstanding results.

AstroJet M2: Professional Standalone Powerhouse

The AstroJet M2 is the ideal standalone printer for businesses with impressive capacity requirements. Powered by MemJet® technology, it offers the same high-quality printing capabilities as the AstroJet M1. With a substantial 5000-page feeder capacity, this printer ensures uninterrupted printing for large-scale projects. Its top load and full feed functionality guarantee seamless printing operations. Combined with user-friendly software, the AstroJet M2 consistently delivers outstanding results.

M1DX: Unleash the Potential of Duplex Printing

Step up your printing capabilities with the M1DX, a powerful add-on that transforms your AstroJet M1 Printer into a high-performance duplex printer. Experience rapid, full-color one or two-sided printing for maximum efficiency and productivity. Installation is a straightforward process, with no need for any special tools. The M1DX boasts not only economical low cost per copy but also consistent print speed in both single and double-sided printing modes. Switching between single and double-sided printing is a matter of seconds, thanks to its versatile and flexible design. Achieve fast and efficient printing in a compact footprint with the M1DX, taking your printing experience to the next level.

S1 Color Printer: Performance and Versatility

The S1 Color Printer offers exceptional performance with effortless operation, making it an incredibly versatile and efficient printing solution. A user-friendly 7-inch touchscreen display lets users easily monitor the printer's status, ink levels, and job progress. The intuitive touchscreen buttons provide quick access to frequently used printer functions, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The S1 Color Printer excels in printing on challenging media, including padded envelopes and thick cardboard, delivering flawless, smear-free prints with a sharp and vibrant print quality of up to 1600 dpi in full process color. Speed is not compromised either, as it can handle up to 3,600 letter-size pages or 9,000 envelopes per hour, guaranteeing efficient and timely printing for your business requirements.

With the built-in job library, recalling frequently printed jobs directly from the touchscreen becomes effortless, saving valuable time and effort. The S1 Color Printer is the perfect choice for businesses seeking a reliable, high-quality, and user-friendly printing solution that surpasses expectations.

Our AstroJet Ink Cartridges


High-Capacity Cyan Ink Tank (123-2413)

Achieve exceptional image quality, precision, and reliability in your printing operations with Astro Machine's high-capacity cyan ink tank (123-2413). Designed for compatibility with AstroJet M1, AstroJet M2, AstroJet S1, and AstroJet M1DX printers, this water-based dye ink utilizes advanced colorants to produce stunning and vivid colors at high printing speeds. With a generous 250 ml capacity, this cartridge allows for extended print runs without the hassle of frequent replacements, saving you valuable time and effort. Backed by a strong warranty and over 40 years of experience, this product is a dependable choice for all your printing needs.

High-Capacity Magenta Ink Tank (123-2414)

Astro 123-2414 HI-CAP Magenta Ink Tank | Compatible with AstroJet M1, AstroJet M2, Astrojet S1 and AstroJet M1DX

Unlock the potential of producing vivid and attention-grabbing prints with the Astro Machine 123-2414 high-capacity magenta ink tank. It is crafted specifically for seamless compatibility with AstroJet M1, AstroJet M2, AstroJet S1, and AstroJet M1DX printers. This water-based dye ink cartridge ensures unrivaled color accuracy and unwavering reliability. With an ample 250 ml ink capacity, it effortlessly handles large printing volumes without any fuss. Rely on Astro Machine's unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, delivering stunning prints that are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone.

High-Capacity Yellow Ink Tank (123-2415)

Astro 123-2415 HI-CAP Yellow Ink Tank | Compatible with AstroJet M1, AstroJet M2, Astrojet S1 and AstroJet M1DX

The Astro Machine Corporation's high-capacity yellow ink tank (123-2415) is essential for achieving exceptional print quality and long-lasting results. Specifically designed to be compatible with AstroJet M1, AstroJet M2, AstroJet S1, and AstroJet M1DX printers, this ink cartridge ensures vibrant and precise yellow tones in all your prints. With its generous 250 ml ink capacity, you can confidently handle extensive printing tasks without experiencing any interruptions, guaranteeing uninterrupted productivity. Say goodbye to faded prints and welcome professional-grade outcomes with this state-of-the-art yellow ink tank.

High-Capacity Black Ink Tank (123-2412)

Astro 123-2412 HI-CAP Black Ink Tank | Compatible with AstroJet M1, AstroJet M2, Astrojet S1 and AstroJet M1DX

Experience the unparalleled performance of Astro Machine Corporation's high-capacity black ink tank (123-2412), the ideal solution for producing clear, sharp text prints. This ink cartridge is specifically designed to be compatible with AstroJet M1, AstroJet M2, AstroJet S1, and AstroJet M1DX printers, guaranteeing consistent and superior black print quality. With an impressive ink capacity of 250 ml, you can rely on extended performance and significantly reduce the frequency of cartridge replacements. Trust Astro Machine's black ink tank to deliver precise and reliable results for all your printing requirements.

Why Select Mindful Postage for Astro Machines?

When it comes to looking for reliable and high-quality ink cartridges for your Astro Machine Corporation printers, is the top choice for businesses. Here are many reasons why you should select us as your trusted supplier:

Unparalleled Quality

At, our unwavering commitment is to deliver ink cartridges of unparalleled quality that surpass even the exacting standards of Astro Machine Corporation printers. Each cartridge is meticulously designed to ensure optimal performance, producing prints with vibrant colors and razor-sharp precision. With Mindful Postage, you can confidently expect consistent, professional-quality prints that never disappoint.

Seamless Compatibility

The ink cartridges provided by Mindful Postage are meticulously engineered to be fully compatible with Astro Machine Corporation printers, including the AstroJet M1, AstroJet M2, Astrojet S1, and AstroJet M1DX. You can rest easy knowing that our cartridges seamlessly integrate with your printers, facilitating smooth and trouble-free printing operations.

Reliability and Consistency

With Mindful Postage, you can depend on unwavering ink flow and reliable performance. Our cartridges are specifically designed to prevent clogging and ensure consistent ink distribution, minimizing the risk of smudged or streaked prints. Trust in the reliability of our ink cartridges to consistently deliver results of the highest caliber, print after print.

Cost-Effectiveness with Quality Assurance

Mindful Postage takes pride in offering cost-effective ink cartridge solutions without making any compromises on quality. Our cartridges provide exceptional value for money, empowering businesses to reduce printing costs without sacrificing the brilliance of their prints. Opting for Mindful Postage ink tanks lets you enjoy substantial savings while maintaining the standard of professional-level prints.

Wide Range of Supplies

Besides ink cartridges, offers a comprehensive range of postage and addressing machine supplies. They have everything you need, from labels to tapes, seals to cleaning solutions, to support your printing operations. Their extensive product selection ensures that you can conveniently source all your printing supplies from a single trusted supplier.

Exceptional Customer Service

Mindful Postage is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Their knowledgeable and friendly team can help you with any inquiries or concerns. They are committed to ensuring a seamless purchasing experience and building long-term customer relationships.


In conclusion, is ideal for Astro Machine Corporation ink cartridges. Being a trusted supplier, they offer superior quality ink cartridges that are highly compatible, reliable, and cost-effective. With a wide range of supplies and exceptional customer service, businesses can rely on them for all their ink cartridge needs. Choose Mindful Postage AstroJet Compatible Ink Cartridges and experience hassle-free printing with outstanding results.