Who Should You Lease From?

There are only five companies authorized by the USPS to rent postage meters. Pitney Bowes, Neopost, and Francotyp Postalia are the most common brands for small business owners to lease postage meters from. Some leasers also buy their supplies directly through these main three companies, while others opt to find compatible ink cartridges and supplies for their postage meter machines.

All these main companies offer machines that cater to different business needs. If you choose to lease a postage meter machine from one of these companies, evaluate the different options that are available.

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes postage meters are designed for efficiency and ease. Their automatic sorting feature is a major selling point for business owners who don’t have the time to file and sort mail manually. This company also offers great postage rates from the USPS.

Some popular machines from Pitney Bowes include:

  • Low Volume: MailStation2, DM100, and DM200
  • Medium Volume: DM300, DM400, and Connect+ 1000
  • High Volume: Connect+ 3000, DM1100, and DM Infinity


Neopost machines are easy to use, with effortless letter processing, mailing, and shipping. Neopost’s support team has won awards for “maintaining a focused culture of excellence,” and the company frequently releases software updates, so you won’t need to upgrade your system frequently.

Some popular machines from Neopost include:

  • Low Volume: IS-280, and IN-360
  • Medium Volume: IN-600, IN-610, IN-700 and IN710
  • High Volume: IS-5000/6000

Francotyp Postalia

Francotyp Postalia is known for producing reliable postage meters. This company is the fastest growing postage meter company in the United States.

Some popular machines from Francotyp Postalia include:

  • Low Volume: PostBase mini, and PostBase econ
  • Medium Volume: PostBase semi, and PostBase auto
  • High Volume: PostBase pro, PostBase proDS, and PostBase one

Select a company and specific postage meter based on your company’s needs. All companies offer low, medium, and high-volume mailing, but there are differences in the machines themselves. Before selecting a machine, make sure to research the options that are available and consider efficiency, software, and affordability.