The Secret Costs of Postage Meters

Renting a postage meter comes with many costs. From the lease itself, to maintenance, to ink cartridges, these machines can get expensive. But what are the added costs, really? If you own a postage meter already, or are planning on leasing a machine, you should consider the hidden costs of these machines.


Meter Reset or Transaction Fees

When you add postage to your meter, you may receive a charge. This charge will depend on the terms of agreement with your leaser and what type of postage account you have.


  • Avoid incurring multiple fees by downloading more postage. Download enough postage to last you a quarter.
  • Consider your contract. The contract you have will determine what charges are applied to your account.

Meter reset and transaction fees are often overlooked costs when leasing a machine. While these costs exist, there are ways to lower additional fees. Make sure to really consider your business needs before signing any contracts.

Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges are an obvious cost of a postage meter, but what some users don’t realize is that they are overpaying for their ink.

Purchasing directly from Pitney Bowes, Neopost, etc. is not necessary and adds additional cost. You can save money by purchasing compatible ink cartridges. Consider our catalog as an alternative to expensive ink cartridges from your leaser.

Maintenance and Insurance

Many postage meter contracts require you to purchase insurance for your equipment. This insurance often includes maintenance agreements.


  • Make sure to have insurance but be aware that this is an additional cost. If your meter breaks without insurance, you may end up paying even more to get it fixed.

Equipment Return Fees

When you decide to return your meter, you may be responsible for paying mailing fees.


  • Your leaser will notify you when your lease or rental agreement is terminated.
  • Review cancellation and lease policies by companies before selecting a postage meter machine.

Whether your contract ends or you terminate your lease agreement, an equipment return fee may be high. Mailing a large machine may be costly.


Postage meters costs can add up quickly. Save money by comparing vendors and by choosing cheaper options for ink, sealing solution, and labels.