How are Cartridges Refurbished?

How exactly are ink cartridges refurbished? What is the process used to ensure ink is high quality?

As a customer, you may be wondering how these products work. Buying a used cartridge may seem intimidating, but these cartridges work as well as brand new cartridges and offer significant savings. These cartridges are still high quality and are compatible with your postage meter machine.

The Process

We receive used ink cartridges and refurbish them to be sold and used again. Before we box up our products and ship these cartridges to our customers, they go through a cleaning and refilling process.

The cartridge is first restructured using heated tools that have been specifically made to alter the plastic build. The chip on the physical cartridge is removed and will be replaced with a new chip later. The new chip has been specifically engineered to work with compatible machines.

Inside the plastic outer build of the ink cartridge is a bag filled with ink. These bags are removed from the plastic shell and go through a cleaning and drying process before they are refilled. The ink cartridge is cleaned out using a vacuum and is filled with water multiple times and vacuumed again. This step ensures the cartridge is clean and ready to be dried.

The cartridge is then filled with USPS-approved ink that has gone through extensive testing. Our ink is specifically formulated to meet all standards that OEM cartridges must meet.

The finished cartridges are then packaged and shipped out to customers.


Refurbished cartridges use high quality ink and new chips made specifically for your printer needs. These cartridges save money. Consider buying refurbished cartridges for your postage meter needs.