Physical Postage Meters vs PC Solutions

What is the difference between a physical mailing machine and PC Postage Solutions?

The key difference between mailing systems and PC Postage is the physical postage meter itself. While postage meters can weigh and run your mail, PC Postage simply allows you to print postage from your own home.

When deciding which option to go with, consider the following!


Postage meters and PC Postage both increase productivity, but you should make your decision based on your specific mailing needs.

For letters and flat mail, consider volume. Postage meters can run at extremely high speeds and can process over 300 letters per minute, depending on your system. They also have option sealers, scales, and feeders. These add-ons can improve the speed of these machines even more. On the other hand, PC Postage is only as fast as you and your employees can make it. While you can import lists and print postage, you still need to manually peel labels and feed envelopes through your printer. This can be incredibly time consuming if you have high volume mail.

For packages, these two options are very similar. You will need to manually attach shipping labels with both options. PC Postage has one significant advantage – one label with all necessary information can be printed and manually attached to the package.


Most mailing systems have basic accounting functions. These functions let you track your mail and postage. Depending on your specific meter or PC Postage, functions can differ. PC Postage stores transactions from 90 days up to a year, depending on your vendor.

You can control the access of how much postage is printed and how much funds are added. When tracking large amounts of mailing, these features can be incredibly beneficial.

Ease of Business

Depending on your business needs, you may find add-ons to your machine or PC Postage to be a hassle. You should consider leases and additional fees before making any decisions regarding a mailing system.

Physical mailing systems may require maintenance and installation fees. While some vendors are easy to work with, the maintenance requirements may outweigh the benefits of a postage meter.


Different businesses have different needs. Consider the pros and cons of postage meters and PC Postage before making decisions.