Mail Mistakes You May be Making

Mailing can be costly and time consuming. As a business, you should evaluate areas for improvement. The following is a list of possible mistakes you may be making and some tips on how to solve these problems.


Manually Processing Mail

Manually processing mail is a waster of time and labor. Efforts that could be going toward more important tasks may be wasted on folding, sealing, and stuffing envelopes. If you process high volumes of mail, this mistake may be more costly than you realize.

Weigh the pros and cons of investing in a postage meter or other machines that simplify these tasks!

Not Advertising

Customer communications are an opportunity for advertising. Do your customers know all of the services your business has to offer? By including ads and promotions in your business communications, they can learn.

There is software that allows you to personalize your mailing and promote your business. Take advantage of this software to expand your business and reach your customers. By creating personalized statements and mailing for individual clients, you can ensure your customers know the products and services you have to offer and let them know you value their business!

Paying Full Postage

Postage meters can save your business up to 5 cents on each first-class mail piece you send. Stop spending full price on stamps and make the switch to a postage meter – especially if you process high volumes of mail. Cut down on time and save money by investing in a postage meter for your business.

Not Considering Other Products

If you are currently leasing a postage meter, you are likely purchasing your cartridges, labels, and sealing solution directly from your leaser. You can save on your postage costs by shopping refurbished cartridges and labels from other sellers. We offer USPS-approved ink and guarantee our products will not void your warranty!

Save on postage and cut down on unnecessary mailing costs. Consider switching to refurbished cartridges and secondary sellers!