How to Overcome Mail Prep Challenges

If you are currently leasing a postage meter, you know there are ways to improve mailing efficiency. But you still may be able to cut down labor and time wasted on mail preparation before mailing makes it to your mailing machine.

If you want to reduce manual tasks, avoid mailing errors and cut down on unnecessary costs. There are challenges associated with mail distribution that can easily be reduced and improve your business operations.

Cut Down on Manual Tasks

Cut down on manual tasks!

You can invest in folder inserters and automate your mail processes from merging documents to sorting documents. Your postage meter is intended to make mailing easier. Technology has improved mailing systems. Take advantage of new machines and software!

Eliminate Preparation Errors

Errors in mail handling can cause your business to lose customers or result in fines. There are ways to eliminate these errors. Customer data needs to be protected and handled properly or you may face consequences. Make sure your mailing gets to the right customer by using tools such as inserters or by adding barcodes to your mailing.

Reduce Mail Handling Costs

You likely want to cut down on mail costs. Mailing can make up a large part of a budget and managers often want to make sure mailing costs are within the allowed budget. There are ways to speed up production while also reducing mail handling costs.

  • Use software to unlock presort rates
  • Utilize address validation software
  • Automate portions of mail prep with a postage meter

These options can help you drastically reduce your mail costs.

Mail preparation can be both timely and costly. Contact a professional or use these tips to make this process more efficient!