About Folder Inserters

If you have a postage meter, you may know about folder inserters. Folder inserters are machines that fold and insert paper into envelopes. However, beyond improving mailing efficiency and cutting down on time and labor costs, folder inserters provide an additional level of security for your business and your customers.

As a business, you have the responsibility of handling customer data appropriately. Folder inserters can help provide the additional level of security you may be searching for.


Folder inserters are more high-tech than many people realize. Some can now automatically measure the size of documents and envelopes. They can adjust settings automatically after measurements have been taken, making business operations easier than before.

Some inserters now come with high-resolution color screens with instructions for users.  


If you pair your folder inserter with output management software, you can include logos on your mailing and send customers customized messages, such as advertisements and promotions. Give your business an extra boost by pairing software and branding your mail!


Folder inserters help with ensuring your business is compliant. Many of these machines come with output management software. This software automatically adds barcodes to your envelopes and documents, ensuring that the right information is sent to your customers.


Folder inserters can correct errors if you make a mistake. If you insert two sheets of paper in an envelope instead of one, your output management software will notice this error and correct it. This helps ensure recipients receive the correct mailing.a