How to Make Sure Your Mailing Operation is Compliant

Do you know what it means to “be in compliance”? “Being in compliance” means your business meets the regulations on the handling of data and communications. Meeting these requirements can be timely and costly. Ensure your mailing systems are in compliance and learn how to better manage your customers’ data and personal information.


Securely Manage Customer Information

The USPS defines the mail owner as the entity that:

  • Makes business decisions regarding mail content
  • Directly benefits from mailing
  • Pays for postage on the mail piece

The mailing agent:

  • Acts on behalf of the mail owner
  • Provides mailing services

As the mail owner, you have the responsibility to manage customer data and information in a safe and secure way. Having a postage meter can help ensure control over your customers’ information.

Avoid Compliance Fees

Fines for not being in compliance range from $100 to $50,000 per penalty, depending on severity. As a business owner, make sure your mailing systems are in compliance to avoid hefty fees.


Postage meters can give you more control over your mailing processes and help avoid fines and complex processes. Make sure your mailing methods are in compliance!