How is Metered Mail Cheaper?

If you are considering leasing a postage meter, you may be wondering if metered mail is cheaper than stamps. There are three different types of methods to pay for postage: stamps, online postage, and postage meters.

Metered mail is a method of payment where letters use printed or postage meter stamps instead of single stamps that can be found in post offices. With high volume or even medium volume mailing, postage meters can become the best option for mailing solutions.

Stamped vs. Metered Mail

Postage meters increase mailing efficiency for businesses. Meters offer reliable payment methods and increased convenience.  If you plan on sending high volumes of mail, metered mail creates an ease of use that stamped mail can’t offer.

If you want to improve mailing efficiency and save on postage, metered mail may be a better option than stamped mail.


Postage meters offer improved mailing reliability. You are the only person who has access to your leased meter, which offers additional mailing security and reliability. Eliminating trips to the post office not only saves time, but ensures you are able to mail faster with control to printing your own postage.

Stamps require trips to the post office and your mail is handled by external sources. Postage meters enable you to gain more control over your mailing.


Consider time and cost when comparing postage meters and stamps. If you plan on increasing your mail volume to a higher volume, you may want to consider a postage meter.