RENA by Quadient Printers & Mindful Postage Compatible Addressing Ink Tanks

In today's fast-paced business world, efficient and top-notch printing solutions are pivotal for professional mailers and organizations. RENA by Quadient has cemented its position as a leading provider of tabletop inkjet address printers and mailroom automation products. With an illustrious history of innovation and industry dominance, RENA offers a wide array of high-quality printers tailored to cater to the diverse needs of professional mailers.

For cost-effective excellence, the perfect combination lies in utilizing RENA printers alongside dependable ink cartridges from Mindful Postage. These compatible ink cartridges, readily available on mindfulpostage.com, perfectly complement RENA printers, ensuring optimum performance and cost-effectiveness. In this article, we delve into the compelling features and advantages of RENA by Quadient printers while emphasizing the significance of utilizing compatible ink cartridges for an unrivaled printing experience.

RENA by Quadient

RENA by Quadient, headquartered in King of Prussia, PA, stands proudly as a front-runner in the realm of high-quality inkjet address printers, envelope imaging systems, and mailroom automation products. Their exceptional versatility sets them apart, enabling seamless printing on a wide array of surfaces, including envelopes, flats, corrugated cardboard, and labels.

Boasting a rich history of innovation, RENA introduced the first-ever postal barcoding printers in 1985 and has since maintained its industry-leading position through an impressive range of inkjet printers, tabbers, and labelers. With a robust nationwide network comprising over 200 independent dealers, RENA serves an extensive clientele encompassing businesses engaged in direct mail, letter shops, associations, and educational institutions. Their commitment to excellence has solidified RENA's reputation as the go-to partner for top-tier mailers nationwide.

The M Series Printing System: Boosting Productivity and User-Friendly Experience

RENA's product lineup is spearheaded by the innovative M Series Printing System, which combines the cutting-edge MACH 6 digital color printer with the mColor color management software. This dynamic system sets the standard for performance, empowering professional mailers to achieve their printing objectives efficiently. Boasting a high-resolution 7" color touchscreen display, the M Series Printing System provides a user-friendly interface with intuitive control and effortless navigation. 

This system provides unmatched convenience with features like an automated capping and cleaning station, a built-in top load friction feeder, and the ability to handle media up to 3/8" thick. By leveraging the MACH 6 printer's productivity, users can enjoy a seamless and intuitive printing experience.



Features of RENA by Quadient Printers

RENA's printers are meticulously crafted to cater to the varied requirements of professional mailers. Here are some of their top-selling models:

  • Mach 5: RENA's Mach 5 printers are specifically designed to cater to the diverse requirements of professional mailers. With its impressive capabilities, it can print up to 8,000 #10 envelopes per hour, delivering exceptional speed. The printer is equipped with a high-resolution 7" color touchscreen display and full bleed capability. Its automatic capping and cleaning station, five front-loading ink tanks, and built-in top-load friction feeder ensure efficient and reliable performance.
  • Mach 6: The Mach 6 printer from RENA offers remarkable features, bringing productivity to new heights. It can print in full color at a speed of 6 inches per second, boasting an impressive resolution of 1600 x 1600 dots per inch. This printer can handle media up to 3/8" thick, and it incorporates automatic capping and cleaning functionality, along with a built-in top load friction feeder. With its advanced features and superior print quality, the Mach 6 is a versatile solution for professional mailers.
  • Mach 5DX: Expanding on the success of the Mach 5 model, RENA introduces the Mach 5DX, which brings the added advantage of duplex printing. Combining the exceptional technology of Memjet with the capability to print on both sides, the Mach 5DX is an ideal choice for businesses requiring one or two-sided printing. With its high-speed performance and full bleed capability, this printer offers enhanced versatility and flexibility to professional mailers.
  • Mach X: RENA's Mach X Digital Color Label Printer is a cutting-edge solution for efficient label printing needs. It delivers brilliant full-color quality with a resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi. The printer can accommodate rolls up to 9" wide and 10" in diameter, making it suitable for a wide range of label sizes. With its roll-to-roll design and impressive printing speed of up to 12 inches per second, the Mach X reduces setup time and production costs, making it a perfect choice for label printing.

Importance of Compatible Ink Cartridges

Ensuring optimal performance and maximizing your RENA printer's longevity heavily relies on utilizing high-quality ink cartridges. This is where Mindful Postage excels, as they are experts in supplying compatible ink cartridges tailored for the Mach Series printers. These printers include the Mach 5, Mach 6, Mach 8, Mach X, Quadient AS950C, AS1180C, HASLER HJ950C, and HJ1180C envelope printers.

Quadient Ink Cartridges: Our High-Quality and Cost-Effective Solution

Quadient Ink Cartridges offer an exceptional, cost-effective printing solution, guaranteeing high-quality results. These cartridges utilize the same type of ink found in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges but with the added benefit of special additives that safeguard against fading and smudging over time. Rigorous testing ensures consistent and top-notch output, with guarantees covering color accuracy and page yield to provide users with complete confidence.

Mindful Supplies sets itself apart with its premium dye-based ink, meticulously designed to replicate OEM color profiles. Its quick-drying properties produce vivid colors and sharp contrasts on various materials, while UV resistance ensures that prints retain their brilliance for many years to come. Manufactured entirely in the USA using original OEM materials, Quadient cartridges deliver unwavering reliability and printing performance.

The Compatible Memjet Ink Tank for Quadient AS-950 and AS1180C Printers exemplifies Quadient's unwavering commitment to both quality and affordability. Tailor-made to match OEM color profiles, this ink tank produces striking colors and sharp contrasts on different substrates. Its rapid-drying capabilities and UV resistance ensure enduring and vibrant prints. Fully compatible with Quadient and Hasler equipment, this ink tank comes with a comprehensive warranty, offering users complete peace of mind regarding its consistent and dependable printing performance.


Our Products

Memjet RENA by Quadient M5C250-N HI-CAP Cyan Ink Tank, 250ml

Quadient Memjet M5C250-N HI-CAP Cyan Ink Tank | Compatible, Mach Series, Hasler HJ950, HJ1180C, Quadient AS-950 and AS1180C and Formax Colormax and Colormax 8

Discover the world of vibrant and top-notch prints with the Quadient/Rena/Neopost/HASLER M5C250 Memjet Cyan Ink Cartridge. It is specially crafted to seamlessly integrate with Mach Series printers. This cartridge promises exceptional performance at an unbeatable price. Embrace the advantages it offers without any concern of voiding your warranty, as it matches the exact yield of OEM cartridges. Confidence comes easily with our comprehensive warranty covering the ink cartridge and your precious machine. With four decades of unwavering experience, USPS approval, and an assurance that stands tall, count on us to deliver unparalleled, high-quality results every single time.

Memjet RENA by Quadient M5M250-N HI-CAP Magenta Ink Tank, 250ml

Quadient Memjet M5M250-N HI-CAP Magenta Ink Tank | Compatible, Mach Series, Hasler HJ950, HJ1180C, Quadient AS-950 and AS1180C and Formax Colormax and Colormax 8

Experience the incredible color and exceptional performance of the M5M250 Memjet Magenta Ink Cartridge by Quadient/Rena/Neopost/HASLER. Crafted specifically for Memjet printing technology, this cartridge brings forth breathtaking and professional-grade prints, showcasing a vibrant magenta hue. With its unwavering reliability, you can count on consistent and precise results for all your printing endeavors. The installation process is a breeze, and its long-lasting durability makes it an economical choice for businesses. Rely on our robust warranty, USPS approval, and four decades of expertise to fulfill your printing needs.

Memjet RENA by Quadient M5Y250-N HI-CAP Yellow Ink Tank, 250ml

Quadient Memjet M5Y250-N HI-CAP Yellow Ink Tank | Compatible, Mach Series, Hasler HJ950, HJ1180C, Quadient AS-950 and AS1180C and Formax Colormax and Colormax 8

The M5Y250 Memjet Yellow Ink Cartridge from Quadient//Rena/Neopost/HASLER is an exceptional printing accessory known for its superior performance and reliability. Engineered specifically for Quadient, Rena, Neopost, and HASLER M5C250 printers, this ink cartridge delivers impeccable results with vibrant and precise yellow color output. Its seamless compatibility ensures smooth printing operations, while the consistent ink flow guarantees optimal print quality, ideal for applications that demand accuracy and sharpness. Moreover, this product is backed by a comprehensive warranty, reinforcing its exceptional quality and long-lasting durability.

Memjet RENA by Quadient M5K250-N HI-CAP Black Ink Tank, 250ml

Quadient Memjet M5K250-N HI-CAP Black Ink Tank | Compatible, Mach Series, Hasler HJ950, HJ1180C, Quadient AS-950 and AS1180C and Formax Colormax and Colormax 8

With the Mindful Supplies Quadient/Rena/Neopost/HASLER M5K250 Memjet Black Ink Cartridge, achieve exceptional print quality without exceeding your budget. Tailor-made for Mach Series printers, this cartridge guarantees compatibility and reliability while delivering the same yield as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges. Approved by USPS and accompanied by a robust warranty, you can rely on this cartridge to consistently produce professional-grade results. Mindful Postage, with its extensive four-decade expertise in the industry, stands as the optimal choice for cost-effective and top-notch ink cartridges. Refuse to settle for anything less than the best.

Memjet RENA by Quadient M5K250-N HI-CAP Black K2 Ink Cartridge, 250ml

2 Pack Quadient Memjet M5K250-N HI-CAP Black Ink Tank | Compatible, Mach Series, Hasler HJ950, HJ1180C, Quadient AS-950 and AS1180C and Formax Colormax and Colormax 8

Discover the Quadient/Rena/Neopost/HASLER M5C250 Memjet Black K2 Ink Cartridge, an excellent and affordable alternative to OEM addressing ink cartridges. Designed to seamlessly work with various Mach Series printers such as Mach 5, Mach X, Mach 6, and Mach 8, as well as Hasler HJ950, HJ1180C, Quadient AS-950 and AS1180C, and Formax Colormax and Colormax 8, this top-tier ink cartridge guarantees the same page yield as its OEM counterparts. With an impressive warranty, approval from USPS, and backed by more than four decades of industry experience, PMIC is your trusted source for unparalleled performance and value.


Why Choose Mindful Postage Supplies?

Mindful Supplies presents an affordable solution for OEM addressing ink cartridges, delivering excellent quality while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Our state-of-the-art facilities meticulously produce these cartridges, ensuring optimal performance through stringent quality assurance testing. Rest assured that our cartridges are fully compatible with your RENA printer, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Benefits of Mindful Supplies:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Mindful Supplies ink cartridges provide exceptional value for your money by offering competitive pricing without compromising print quality. Enjoy significant savings while maintaining high standards.
  • High Yield and Performance: These cartridges deliver yields comparable to OEM alternatives, ensuring you can handle large printing volumes without interruptions. The ink formulation is meticulously designed for consistent and vibrant results every time.
  • Seamless Compatibility: Professionally formulated for your Mach Series printer, Mindful Supplies cartridges guarantee compatibility and performance. You can use them confidently, knowing they won't harm your machine or void its warranty.
  • Assurance of Quality: The ink cartridges offered by mindfulpostage.com undergo rigorous quality assurance processes. Their professional formulation ensures exceptional performance and the production of vivid, long-lasting prints. You can rely on these cartridges without worrying about damage to your printer or warranty.

Experience smooth printing and excellent print quality by choosing compatible ink cartridges from mindfulpostage.com. Their wide range of cartridges, including cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink, are specifically designed for your RENA printer.


In conclusion, Memjet RENA by Quadient brand has earned a stellar reputation for its top-notch inkjet addressing printers, envelope imaging systems, and mailroom automation products. The Mach Series printers, which include the Mach 5, Mach 6, Mach 5DX, and Mach X, are widely recognized for their exceptional performance, reliability, and user-friendly features. If you want to unlock your RENA printer's full potential, selecting compatible Compatible Ink Tanks for Mach Series, Hasler HJ950, HJ1180C, Quadient AS-950 and AS1180C from a trusted source like mindfulpostage.com is crucial. Their cost-effective solutions and unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality make Mindful Supplies the ideal choice for fulfilling all your printing requirements.