Know Your Products!

As a consumer, you are aware of the wide selection of choices you have when purchasing supplies for your postage meter. From ink cartridges to sealing solution, you have the ability to choose who to buy from and what to buy. Make sure you make the right purchasing decisions before paying for your products!

Ink Cartridges

From large sellers like Pitney Bowes and Neopost to smaller sellers who may sell refurbished cartridges, do your research before selecting a seller. Ink cartridges can be very expensive, especially for small businesses. As these costs add up, you may end up spending much more than budgeted.

While large sellers may appear more reputable and trustworthy, do your research on smaller companies! This is an easy way to save on ink. Companies that sell refurbished cartridges often do so at a lower cost than the big companies. Another perk is that your warranty will not be impacted by using third party products!

Sealing Solution

Many companies require you to use a sealing solution during your lease of a postage meter. While the same companies seem to require you use their solution for their machines, that is not necessary. Again, consider another seller. Smaller companies have found ways to create the same solution and sell at a cheaper price.

Protect your machine and make sure you are following the rules of your lease but avoid overpaying!


Know your products before you purchase them! Do your research on a company and on a specific product. Save your company tons of money and take care of your postage meter machine.