About the Warranty…

You may be wondering how third-party ink cartridges and products impact your existing warranty. The short answer is that these products do not violate your existing warranty.

How does this impact my existing warranty?

If you are concerned about the warranty you currently hold with the company you are leasing from, you are not violating any laws by purchasing third-party products!

It is within your rights as a consumer to purchase the products you select. It is illegal for a company to force its customers to purchase additional products from them. You can shop third-party sellers without worrying about your lease!

How do I deal with a faulty ink cartridge?

Ink cartridges that have been refurbished usually go through an extensive process to ensure they are compatible. This process involves steps to empty any remaining ink and refilling the cartridge with USPS-approved ink. Companies that sell these cartridges know the importance of ensuring products are high-quality and take pride in their products.

In the event you experience a problem with your cartridge, many of these companies will offer a free cartridge or reimbursement if you return the faulty one!

What if something damages my machine?

Most third-party sellers will reimburse reasonable charges for damages if their products are proven to have caused damage to your machine. Proof that damage was caused by the third-party’s product may require a signed document by the service company.

While not all third-party sellers can be held to a high standard, many are trustworthy and happy to help their customers. Read the warranty and make sure you know what to do if you experience any issues at all, and know customer support is ready to help!