Pitney Bowes SendPro P-Series

If you decide leasing a postage meter is the right move for your business, the Pitney Bowes SendPro P-Series should be considered as an option. Marketed toward mid-to-high-volume mailers, this machine may be the right fit for you.



The SendPro P-Series is comprised of multiple mail machines intended for different volumes of mailing. The following machines are a part of this postage meter series:

  • SendPro P1000
  • SendPro P2000
  • SendPro P3000

The SendPro P1000 is intended for use for smaller volumes of mail, with the SendPro P3000 offering the highest mailing ability. While all machines are intended for mid-to-high-volume mailing, there are options within this series.


Top Features

The SendPro P-Series offers the ability to mail, ship, and receive packages with one machine. Some of the best features of this mailing machine are:

  • Versatile integrations by simplifying mailing processes
  • Mailing ability through USPS, FedEx, and UPS
  • Accurate logging of package information

This postage meter makes tracking and mailing packages simpler than before. With this machine, you can streamline your mailing by using one machine to handle multiple aspects of the mailing process.


Ink and Supplies

The SendPro P-Series uses different ink cartridges and supplies, depending on what your company’s needs are. Some common products that are purchased through either Pitney Bowes directly or through vendors with compatible cartridges include:

  • #787-0 (red ink cartridge)
  • #787-8 (red ink cartridge)
  • #787-1 (red ink cartridge)
  • #787-3 (black ink cartridge)
  • #78P-K (black ink cartridge)
  • Self-adhesive tape rolls
  • Direct thermal labels (various sizes)

If you lease this postage meter machine, consider purchasing additional supplies through another vendor to increase savings. Many ink cartridges and tape rolls can be purchased at nearly half the price of the vendor.


With three available options in the P-Series, consider these postage meters for your small business needs.