Neopost IS-5000

This mail machine improves mailing system productivity, operability, and efficiency. The Neopost IS-5000 is a great option for high-volume mailing. The IS-5000 has a 5.7 inch repositionable color touch screen display.

Top Features

This machine weighs over 200 pounds and is intended for high-volumes. The IS-5000 maximizes productivity using:

  • A high capacity envelope feeder with reload on-the-fly capability
  • Three speed choices up to 210, 26, or 300 Ipm
  • A dynamic scale that rapidly weighs and measures mail-in-line
  • Open and closed flat sealing capabilities
  • A power conveyor stacker with a storage capacity ration in sync with the feeder

This machine also offered to optional EMS system. The physical machine is much larger than other options and includes:

  • Weighing platform
  • Full keyboard
  • Dynamic scale
  • Power conveyor stacker
  • Ergonomic workstation
  • Sealing system
  • Mixed mail feeder

Ink and Supplies

This mail machine uses different ink cartridges and supplies, depending on company needs. Some common products are:

  • IS56INK

Some leasers of this machine compare prices from Neopost to other vendors who sell compatible items. Savings can make a large difference in company expenses.