Neopost IN-700

Neopost has many postage meter options for both small and bigger businesses. This machine is intended to improve business mailing productivity.

Top Features

This machine uses Neopost’s optional EMS software, which includes:

  • Rate shopping
  • Address correction and validation services
  • Work ahead
  • Scan and drop
  • Comprehensive reporting package

The physical machine is intended to improve performance and productivity and highlights:

  • Mixed mail feeder
  • Weighing platform
  • Barcode scanner
  • Power converyor stacker
  • Color touch screen
  • Dynamic scale


Ink and Supplies

This mail machine uses different ink cartridges and supplies, depending on company needs. Some common products are:

  • ININK67
  • IHINK67
  • Self-adhesive tape rolls

Some leasers of this machine compare prices from Neopost to other vendors who sell compatible items. Savings can make a large difference in company expenses.