Milestone in SendPro C Machine Sales

The Pitney Bowes SendPro C is an increasingly popular mailing machine. It was released less than 24 months ago but has since been installed 100,000 times. Used primarily by small businesses, the ease of use and ability to mail, track and save are attractive to business owners.  This milestone is huge. It shows how businesses are turning away from post offices and toward internal ownership of postal control.


Why SendPro C?

The SendPro C is one of the newer postage meter machines released by Pitney Bowes. It simplifies shipping and mailing for modern businesses. This mailing solution displays some of the newest trends in technology within the postal industry.

Some of the highlighted popular features of this machine include:

  • Printing carrier-compliant shipping labels
  • Calculating exact postage
  • Shipping ability with USPS
  • Color touchscreen display

This machine allows for small businesses to save both time and money. Mailing can all be handled in one place, from within the office. Savings are also available through USPS.

Small business owners are choosing the SendPro C for its efficiency, productivity, and ability to control their own mailing abilities. Moving away from trips to the post office and toward both time and cost savings, the SendPro C is an example of the increasing popularity of leasing postage meter machines.


Future Expectations

After hitting 100,000 installations, projections for the parcel shipping industry are expected to continue to increase. This machine’s popularity in the industry shows positive signs for Pitney Bowes as a whole. The annual parcel volume is expected to reach 200 billion by 2025.

As parcel volume is only projected to increase over time, more and more small business owners are moving toward leasing their own mail machines. Postal costs can be cut down on, especially with high projected future growth. As a small business owner, these savings can make huge differences. This milestone of 100,000 installations only shows the popularity of leasing these machines.


Mailing is critical for both new and established businesses. Taking control of the process and saving money in the process is a huge attraction for business owners.

Expect leasing postage meters to become increasingly popular, especially as technological advancements make these machines more user-friendly. This massive milestone serves to prove as an example of the growing popularity of leasing postage meters rather than relying on postal services to handle mailing needs.