Francotyp Postalia PostBase Mini

The Francotyp Postalia PostBase mini is intended to be used as the entry-level model for the small business series. Francotyp Postalia markets this mail machine as a “must-have for star-ups, freelancers, and all offices that value professional letter communication.”


Top Features

  • Process up to 17 letters per minute
  • Promote your business with meter ads
  • 5 pound integrated scale available in 5 colors
  • LAN Internet Connection with Wi-Fi option
  • User-friendly Color Touchscreen
  • USPS IMI-Compliant security
  • Postage available 24/7
  • Reduce cost with Commercial-Base Pricing for shipping

The PostBase mini can give your small business a boost with its compact, economical build and user-friendly features. It is the only USPS IMI-Compliant postage meter in its class.


Ink and Supplies

The PostBase mini uses different ink cartridges and supplies, depending on your company’s needs. Some common products that are purchased through either Francotyp Postalia directly or through vendors with compatible cartridges include:

  • PIC10
  • PIC40

Some machines like this also can be used with postage tape.


The PostBase mini is a great machine to cater to your small business needs. This machine is specifically marketed to small businesses and has the features to help small businesses grow. With its user-friendly interface and economic benefits, consider this machine for your business needs.